Sunny Ridge Residences - AMENITIES


  • 3 Passenger Elevators 
  • 1 Service Elevator
  • Accessible stairs at every floor
  • Parking spaces
  • Telephone/Fiber-optic triple-play connection ready (2 Providers)
  • Cable TV connection ready
  • Emergency Power
  • CCTV
  • Fully Automated FDAS System
  • Underground cistern
  • Overhead water tank
  • Laundry Cages (1st come 1st use basis)

Even though the area in which the Sunny Ridge Residences is built may be seeing tall, high rent condominiums also being built, few if any of them will have their own 4 storey sports and recreational complex on their doorstep, let alone within their project grounds and this is one thing that will make the Sunny Ridge Residences stand out from any other, despite how up-market they may be.

Ferris Sobell have spared no expense to ensure that the facilities that are enjoyed by Sunny Ridge residents are as good, if not better than those facilities in expensive high-rise developments and for the convenience of all residents, they are all concentrated in one central, 4 storey complex.

Apart from having commercial spaces and several function rooms the complex has:

Indoor swimming pool – Always an asset as somewhere to escape to on those hot days

Indoor basketball court – Not only does this provide a great way to stimulate the sportsmanship in all of us but it also provides a constructive activity on those rainy days

Gym and Fitness Center – Although being presented with the opportunity for a more leisurely lifestyle is always good, it does however mean that most of us have to find other ways to keep in shape and so for those that aren’t keen on jogging, this is the ideal facility to have on your doorstep

Having a few commercial outlets handy is always useful and the fact that there are function rooms available means that you will have no problem finding a venue for those family gatherings or a social get together.  

Ferris Sobell also has the foresight to include some amenities outside the complex, ones that will allow residents to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine and these extra amenities include some areas with great lawns, perhaps for picnics, or a quiet read, whilst relaxing in the sunshine and for the enjoyment of any kids, there is a dedicated children’s play area, allowing them to also enjoy the added qualities of a good lifestyle, without having to face the hazards found on the streets.

There are not just dangers on the streets though and so the safety and security of family members is always a major concern of potential residents. Fortunately Ferris Sobell is fully aware of this and so have included in this project, not just the security of the door to your residential unit but also the security of the whole project. For security purposes they have placed CCTV in all common areas and have round the clock security in the form of both 24/7 static and mobile security details, ensuring the security of your family whilst they are at home and the security of your property when they are not. Also in order to provide extra safety, they have provided each building with 2 emergency exits.

  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Indoor basketball court
  • Gym and fitness center
  • Function Rooms
  • Great Lawn and Children’s Playing Area
  • Commercial Spaces
  • 24/7 Stationed and Roving Security
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